Welcome to my Europe Diary 2003

Becka Prouty

[ ¿com está? ]

Welcome to Part 1

Spain August 2003

Hi all back home, here are some cool pictures of me on my travels in Spain. I've been in Europe for the past 3 weeks and I've met some great friends from all over the place.

Spain was our first stop. It was so hot and sunny on this day and my friend Karan insisted on taking some shots on top of the rocks by the town. Pretty neat huh?

I'll keep you guys posted with news and update this site when we get to another internet cafe in another cool part of Europe. Next stop UK!! and some party grooves in cool London.

Thanks Becka.



[ Don't crush my friend]


[ europe rocks!!!]


[ yucky!! sun in my eyes]


[ hmmm I think this place is cool]

[ karan has a moody in the morning]

[does my pack look big in this?]

[Karan needs glasses to drive]

[Taco tries to fix the cafe computer!!!Oops sorry Karan I think he broke it!]


[ back 2 LIFE ? ]